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professional services ofcounseling y Mental Health.

Mental Health Counseling services (English services available)

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At Vida Balanceada we offer our services online, at home or at midpoints. This is done to offer alternatives to the traditional, creating a unique, different and comfortable experience for each client. The online service is a modality that becomes more common every day since it is more accessible, immediate and less expensive. 

Online services available such as:

Specialized individual therapies (psychotherapy) for ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management, Anger Management, Alcoholism and addictions, Trauma, Schizophrenia, Grief (loss of a loved one) to name a few.

Training such as parenthood, responsible and effective motherhood, anger management, emotional intelligence, effective communication and confrontation for adolescents, victims or aggressors of gender-based violence (domestic) entre others. 

Psychoeducational workshops for victims and aggressors in Gender Violence, Suicide Prevention, workshops for victims of abuse, labor workshops such as effective supervision, management of toxic work environment, regulations, training directed to services to the client between others.

Avoid long waits in an office, long trips, bottle caps and the modality of having to delay your day to get to a place. Get the service you need in the comfort you deserve. We want to help you and offer you a unique experience, contact us to schedule your appointment. 

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